Agriculture Ministry to reveals plans for ‘solar farm on water’

Within the scope of a new project by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, which will both increase renewable energy production and protect agricultural lands, floating solar panels will be placed on stagnant water surfaces such as dams and ponds.

The ministry has initiated a project regarding the establishment of floating solar energy systems for stagnant waters, as solar energy collecting panels are established on mainly agricultural lands, which brings the use of these lands for agricultural purposes to a standstill.

With the establishment of floating solar power plants in stagnant waters, such as lakes, dams and ponds, in order to use land more efficiently for agriculture, the country’s fight against the climate crisis will improve.

As in many countries, the focus on renewable energy sources such as solar energy instead of fossil fuels continues in Türkiye to minimize the environmental risks posed by climate change and for clean energy, which is included in the roadmap of the European Green Deal.

Accordingly, a meeting was held with the relevant units and institutions by the ministry’s General Directorate of Water Management.

With the determination of the pilot study area, a general plan consisting of the necessary permits to be obtained, budget planning and environmental consultation of experts regarding the floating solar power plants will be revealed in the following period.