7,000 refugees return back to Syria past month: Minister

A total of 7,032 Syrians have returned to their homeland from Türkiye in August, Deputy Interior Minister İsmail Çataklı has announced.

“The total number of those returning to Syria was some 514,000 in July,” said Çataklı, who is also the ministry’s spokesperson, while briefing the media about the Syrians’ return.

The number reached a total of 521,039 in August, Çataklı stated, noting that some 7,000 returned to Syria in a month.

When asked about the number of Syrians officially residing in Türkiye, Çataklı noted, “The number of the registered Syrians is 3,652,633.”

Operations against irregular migrants continued in August, with the deputy minister announcing that some 28,000 migrants were caught in August in operations held across the country.

The number of those detained at seas in August was a total of 6,329, he explained.

Besides irregular migrants, some 856 people involved in human smuggling were also nabbed, Çataklı added.